Top it Off!

It's National Salad Month and the warmer months are here...which makes salad the perfect compliment to your meal – or it can even be the "star" of any lunch or dinner. And while a typical salad always starts with greens, there’s nothing more fun than experimenting with toppings to give you a flavorful, well-balanced entree.

You’ve heart the mantra, “Eat your greens.” But colorful additions are healthy, filling, and can add robust flavor. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Dried fruits – cranberries and golden raisins add color and unique texture
  • Nuts – think pistachios, pecans or pine nuts for rich flavor
  • Beans – garbanzo and kidney beans are packed with flavor and protein
  • Baked tortilla or pita chips – perfect for a little crunch
  • Shredded cheeses – explore with deep flavors like feta, asiago and gruyere

And of course, there’s only one way to top off your creation – with a Third Coast Organics salad dressing that has no added sugar and is made with all-natural products. Not sure which flavor to get? Try our unique Sampler Pack featuring a 5 oz. bottle each of Raspberry Wine Vinegar, Lemon Mustards, Classic Red Wine, Balsamic Italian, and Haute Pepper.