Hot Toddy


I remember my first Hot Toddy. It was a cold snowy night in Virginia. Sitting by the open fire pit, I held the hot mug in my hands and slowly sipped the warm aromatic nectar as I quietly swayed to the music playing in the background. What a happy memory!


Boiling water and a Mug

2 oz Bourbon

2 oz Laffite’s Gold Sweet & Sour Mix

Lemon wheel

4 whole cloves

Cinnamon stick


Pour boiling water into a mug to heat the mug; set aside. Insert whole cloves into lemon wheel and set aside with cinnamon stick. Pour out the water from the mug, and pour Bourbon and Sweet & Sour mix into the now warm mug. Stir in lemon wheel with cloves and cinnamon stick. Pour hot water in the mug to mix with bourbon mixture. Now, put on some mellow music, go sit in your coziest chair and sip your delicious hot toddy.