History of Jean Laffite

Robinhood of the Gulf


No, we did not misspell the last name of Jean Laffite when naming our organic sugar-free Cocktail Mixes. Over the last two centuries the spelling of Laffite’s name has been erroneously translated from French to English mistakenly using only one ‘f’ and two ‘t’s instead of Laffite’s two ‘f’s and one ‘t’. That is only a small part of the extraordinary conflicting legend of the French buccaneer Jean Laffite, the last pirate to raid ships in the Gulf of Mexico taking riches from wealthy merchants and selling them at low prices to the common man. He was so loved and admired by the underdog that he was nicknamed the “Robinhood of the Gulf”. Jean Laffite was over 6 feet tall, handsome and intelligent; but also conniving, illusive and a liar, which, obviously, are much needed character traits to be a successful early nineteenth century pirate.

Jean Laffite did have some redeeming qualities.  He was also an American patriate and hero. Jean Laffite and his men were instrumental in helping Andrew Jackson (later to become the 7th president of the United States) and the U. S. Army win the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 thus ending the War of 1812 against the British. Even though President James Monroe had given him and his men full pardons for their past deeds after saving America from the British, Laffite just could not stop his pirating ways. Before the United States Navy ran him off in 1820, Laffite had established a community in what is now Galveston, about 20 years before Texas won her independence from Mexico.

“So”, you ask, “why name your organic, sugar-free Cocktail Mixes after such a notorious scoundrel like the Pirate Jean Laffite?” Well, the answer is simple: For over two hundred years, legend has it that Laffite buried tons of his loot along the Texas gulf coast, especially in and around Galveston. Our delicious healthy Cocktail Mixes are a tribute to this Legend of finding Laffite’s Gold!


Enjoy our Organic & Sugar-Free