What Is "Third Coast"?

We named our company Third Coast Organic Foods for two reasons. First, it is where we live and, for many generations back, raised. The “Third Coast”, also known as the “Gulf Coast”, stretches from Texas across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama to Florida’s western coastline.


These southern, gulf coast states are known for their extraordinary and diverse cuisines. We are happy and very fortunate to live on the “third coast” because we love food! However, we want to eat healthy. Hence, the second reason for our name: ‘Organic Foods’.

We are committed to developing and producing ‘no added sugar’, all natural food products using organic and non-GMO ingredients, when available. Our products do not contain “unsafe or toxic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, especially not "probable human carcinogens”.

Our slogan “To Your Health!” says it all. We want you to love our products for the taste but without the guilt. Our organic and non-GMO products contain only beneficial ingredients that promote a healthier lifestyle.